‘Livin’ with Richard’ — Inspired by RTE show, Limerick TD invites Environment Minister to live with him for a week to experience “daily challenges of rural living”

On yer Bike, Richard O'Donoghue Campaign Trail with Ann Moloney and Canvassers in Bruff Picture brendan Gleeson

RURAL Independent TD Richard O’Donoghue, inspired by the ‘Livin’ with Lucy’ RTE television programme has publicly invited the leader of the Green Party, Eamon Ryan, to come live with him for a few days, “so as to introduce the Minister for the Environment, Climate, Communications and Transport, to the daily challenges of rural as opposed to urban living”, said a spokesman for the Limerick TD.

“Akin to the once popular ‘Livin’ with Lucy’ television programme – the premise of which was that presenter Lucy Kennedy spent a weekend living with a different celebrity each episode – the Rural Independent Group TD will offer full bed-and-board to the Dublin politician at his home in Granagh,” they said.

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“Deputy O’Donoghue has been a vocal critic of this and previous Government’s lack of investment in rural areas, best highlighted by infrastructural deficiencies, lack of highspeed broadband, inadequate public transport and the like.”

Deputy O’Donoghue said his offer to Minister Ryan “will give Eamon an inside into what rural living is actually like”.

“He needs to go to the people of rural Ireland, listen to their concerns, bring these concerns back to the Government and take positive action because, we are all the people of Ireland. We are all equals, whether you live in Donnybrook, Dublin, or Tournafulla (West County Limerick).”

“The people of Ireland, be they in a city, town or rural area, should note that this Bill is being produced by people who are city based and who do not understand farming or rural living. Itis time the Minister came to rural Ireland and moved in for a week. It was done before with “Livin’ with Lucy.”

“Deputy Ryan would have a different concept if he had to get up in the morning in the countryside,” Mr Ryan said.

“The Minister’s mentality is as it is because he knows no better. He lives in a city in which he can walk out his front door and get a taxi and walk to a shop within two minutes of where he is, in fact, he can get any type of transport he likes within the city in minutes, and he can cycle his bike on a cycle lane.”

“He does not understand rural living, and the lack of infrastructure represents a failure on the part of the current and previous governments.”

“All the people in rural Ireland could help to bring down emissions but they have to burn fuel to get to work because of the failure of the current and previous Governments to provide infrastructure in rural Ireland.”

“That is a reality check for the Minister, and he should listen to us.”

The Green Party has been asked for a response.