Warning as outbreak of Canine Cough in Limerick

two dogs sitting on maroon area rug
Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash
THERE has been an outbreak of Canine Cough (kennel cough) in Limerick.
It is a contagious multifactorial disease of a dog’s respiratory tract.
“We have had over fifteen cases in 48 hours at our City Centre branches. A mixed bacterial and viral infection that is highly contagious.
“Most dogs will recover without treatment but please be vigilant if your dog becomes lethargic or if they are older, contact us if you have any concerns”. Kathy Enright of Rockhall Vets told the Limerick Post.
The symptoms include:
  • Dry choking goose honk type cough
  • Lethargic
  • Worsened with exercise or excitement
  • Otherwise tend to be well in themselves
  • Extra care with the old, the young and infirm or if they do become chesty, though this is a rare complication

If your dog has any of these symptoms please contact your local vet.