Experience new technology in a fun and engaging way with UL Cybercamp


The UL Cybercamp was designed to give second-level students, ages 13 and up, the opportunity to learn and experience new technology in a fun and engaging way.

This year we have moved the camps online where students can learn the basics of web design, get to build a simple computer game, and are introduced to programming with images and sounds. By giving students an insight to these ICT subjects in an engaging way at this stage of their education, they will be better informed about which areas they may wish to study in the future.

There are three camps, Camp 1: 21st June to 2nd July, Camp 2: 28th June to 9th July, and Camp 3 : 5th July to 16th July. The camps are FREE thanks to funding from the HEA but spaces are limited. For more details and camp registration please visit our website: http://pslc.ul.ie/ulcco/

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