Film column – Mersey Boys

black camera reel player
Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash

LIMERICK made short film ‘Mersey Boys: a Letter From Al Moran’ has been selected by the International New York Film Festival, one of The Big Apple’s top ten film festivals.

The ten-minute short film is based on an encounter between the young Beatles and an American in a Liverpool pub, circa 1960. The film was filmed in Ireland and produced by Celtic Badger Media Films, based in Limerick and Clare.

Directed by Paddy Murphy, it is based on the novel ‘Mersey Boys’ by Steve Farrell, a Professor of Speech and Theatre at Greenville Technical College in Greenville, South Carolina.

Shooting took place in Galway and Wicklow with an international cast including British, American and Irish actors.

Limerick native Michael Casey got to play the auspicious role of music legend Paul McCartney in the film.

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The Limerick Post asked the rising star what it was like to fill such big boots?

“It was an absolute honour to get to play the legend that is Paul McCartney. I never imagined having the chance to ever play someone like him in my entire career. It’s really inspiring as well seeing the film go to New York,” Michael tells me.

“We shot it a few years back so it’s great to finally see it have its day. Good things come to those who wait.”

‘Mersey Boys’ has now been selected by the International New York Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals in New York City. The event shall be held at the Times Square Theatre in Manhattan from June 18 to 20.

The festival in New York shall be the film’s tenth official screening, having already appeared in festivals in California, Delaware and Florida, as well as India, Sweden and Canada.

 According to the film’s director Paddy Murphy, the project was a joy to work on.

“I was delighted to bring an ensemble of incredible talent together, many of whom I’d worked with in the past and some that were newcomers – like Robert Bourke, Rachel Cobb and Ben Collopy,” he said.

“I had previously worked with Fiach Kunz, who plays Al Moran, on the short films ‘I.R.I.S’ and ‘Legacy Point’ as part of Celtic Badger Media. I had worked with Jessica Messenger, who plays Ginny, on a short horror film called ‘Intervention’ last year. Mikey Casey has been in most Celtic Badger productions and it was so wonderful to have him as our Paul McCartney.

”Graham Gill brought an incredible gravitas to the role of Squire Clancy and it was our first time working together since my short film ‘Retribution’ in 2015.

“The short was an absolute joy to create and I loved working with all the Celtic Badger Media team as per usual and to get to make a short film about The Beatles, my mother’s favourite band,” Murphy concluded.