Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership announces new ambitious 5-year strategy ‘20 Outcomes by 2026’


LIMERICK Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP) has today launched a new 5-year strategy, called ‘20 Outcomes by 2026’. The strategy reflects the work the charity will do to pursue its new vision of ‘realising the full potential of the people of Limerick’. The plan sets the course for LEDP’s future and lays out four overarching strategic priorities with twenty specific outcomes that LEDP will work to accomplish in the next five years.

Commenting on the announcement, Chief Executive Niall O’Callaghan said, “this strategy represents the culmination of months of work, a thorough review by the Board and I of how far we have come since 1999 and laying the path for an exciting and ambitious journey ahead. Through this strategy we are making an asserted commitment to continuing to make a meaningful impact, with a strong focus on enterprise creation and sustainability through our activities. Being a self-funded charity, our community is at the heart of everything we do, and our partnerships will be critical to the success of this strategy.”

LEDP is a unique charity in an Irish context, using self-generated revenue through its commercial property to support direct and indirect activities in a range of disciplines including education and upskilling, enterprise, advocacy, and benevolence. It has been heavily involved in marque Limerick projects over the past 20 years from Moyross to Garryowen to Southill and has overachieved in its original ambition to replace the 550 job losses following the closure of the Krups plant in Roxboro in 1998, with over 1,000 people now employed at the redeveloped 16-acre site.

The new strategy outlines 20 ambitious outcomes including: embracing Social Innovation at LEDP; establishing a multi-functional Creative & Innovative Industries Centre of scale; expanding entrepreneurship and micro enterprise facilitation at LEDP; contributing to making Limerick Ireland’s first positive Energy City by implementing a suite of transformational environmental sustainability measures, and; fostering biodiversity with innovative urban solutions including the planting of 27,000 native Irish trees – 1,000 trees for each year of LEDP’s existence up to and including the lifetime of this strategy.

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Chairman of LEDP, Gerard Boland said, “Now more than ever, leadership in the delivery of equality of opportunities for everyone is critical for Limerick. Aligned with a reimagined mission and determined strategy, Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership is well-positioned to deliver. Greater awareness of LEDP’s contribution to Limerick is an important part of our future direction and on behalf of the Board, I am very pleased to endorse this ambitious Strategic Plan.”

As well as accommodating charities, state agencies and commercial tenants in the LEDP building, LEDP runs the Family Tree Crèche in Roxboro which it built in 2005, and owns the Market Field Stadium in Garryowen, which it redeveloped to a UEFA Category Two Stadium. LEDP has been synonymous with the ongoing transformation of Limerick supporting community projects and bespoke initiatives and is a co-signature of the Limerick Charter: Commitment to Cohesion and Convergence.