Fund a Cobble. Create a Museum in a Garden. Remember a Friend.

DUE to popular demand, our Fund A Cobble campaign has been re-launched! Our fabulous new Museum in a Garden will open officially on 24 June 2021! 

Many thanks must be made to those who generously donated in our 2020 Fund a Cobble Crowd Fundraiser who helped to make the dream a reality. 

 We already have a couple of hundred cobbles, engraved by a local stonemason or inscribed by community volunteers, installed in our new garden – but the requests for more have kept coming. 

So now is your chance! The fundraiser has reopened for everyone who didn’t manage to get in the first time round. The idea is to remember a friend or loved one and help create and maintain this garden for the community and by the community. 

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 As well as funding an engraved or inscribed cobble a couple more rewards have been added: 

  • Buy a bag of bulbs for Autumn and be added to the Museum in a Garden Map 
  • Help build a Greenhouse for the Sean Moran Community Garden – your name will be engraved on a plaque in the greenhouse. 

 By helping in this campaign, you will maintain the Museum in a Garden as an open public space for the Limerick community and visitors to the City. Your contribution also supports the various community groups working in the garden such as Limerick Mental Health Association, St Mary’s Aid, Southhill Women’s Group among many, and directly promotes health and wellbeing for everyone alongside engaging and educating hundreds of Limerick children. 

 Come visit as objects from our collection escape from their cases and make their way into the garden as supersized sculptures. You can enjoy a day out in the heart of the city picnicking, playing chess, or tending to vegetables in the Sean Moran Community garden. 

 To buy your cobble or other items visit to see more.

For Further information:

Tel. 087 7912337 email: or