Update on Digital COVID Certificates containing síneadh fada


Anyone on this island with a é,í,ó,ú or á in their name that received their Covid certificate suddenly got the nice surprise, that they seemingly had been given a new name, how nice, because if we’re gonna be in the new normal, we’re going to new normal names.

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With this issued raised by everyone with this fada shaped albatross around their neck, including me, SeÃin.

The Department of Public Expenditure and Reform have issued a update on this mishÁp

“We are sorry that many of our residents who received their Digital COVID Certificates through the post were disappointed to find that the síneadh fadas in their name and/or address had been misprinted.

This was unfortunately due to an error in our print preparation process, which has since been resolved.

We have identified people whom we believe were affected by this error and reissued your certificates automatically.

We appreciate that some of you may use the fada in everyday correspondence but not on your passport name. If you are concerned about this and would prefer an exact match, a portal facility will be available later this week to facilitate a resolution.

Please do not contact the service desk unless your travel is imminent.

We apologise for any inconvenience.”