Agri Aware launch Dig In! webinar series for schools

Photo: Alan Jagoe, Agri Aware Chairman, Minister Martin Heydon, Aimee Gray, Agri Aware Education Officer & Marcus O’Halloran, Agri Aware Executive Director.

AGRI Aware have launched the Dig In! webinar series for schools.

Dig In! is a primary school curriculum-linked resource to help children learn about agriculture, life on the farm and in the countryside.

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The new ‘Fun Fridays’ webinar series will run from October to December with ten episodes covering a range of topics including dairy, the environment, horses, farm safety and pigs.

Dig In! is available to all schools through the Agri Aware website and schools can also sign up for the Fun Fridays webinar series there. 

Welcoming the opportunity to relaunch Dig In! Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture Martin Heydon said:

“I want to commend Agri Aware for its tireless work in ensuring all of our primary school students have the opportunity to learn about life on Irish farms.

“Some will go on to be farmers in the future, producing food for all of us and protecting the environment, while others may work in our vibrant agri-food sector.

“All of them will be consumers of Irish produce. Dig In! is therefore an important initiative that can help tie all these different elements together.

“As Minister of State with special responsibility for Farm Safety I particularly welcome the focus on keeping children safe on farms. Creating a culture of safety starts at a young age and must go hand in hand with everything we do on our farms.”

Alan Jagoe, Chairman of Agri Aware said: “We are delighted to launch Dig In! once again this year.

“The new digital element is a reflection on how education and delivery of education has changed since start of the pandemic.

“Agriculture has remained a crucial and constant supply of high-quality food and produce and those are all highlighted in our Dig In! resources for Primary Schools.

“Dig In! has been so important in maintaining a connection between young consumers and where their food comes from.”