Style your home for autumn with EZ Living


Decorating for autumn is all about adding warmth and personality to your space.
Luckily, there are many ways to create a snug environment in the living room, dining room and even bedroom.

Candles are an accessory that no home should be without, especially in the lead up to Christmas.
Choose a sweet aroma for autumn, like pumpkin, this will help to accurately represent the current season in your home.
An LED candle is a safer alternative to a wax candle that can still add an extra bit of light to a room and imitate the flickering that a real, wax candle will.

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Moody-Coloured Cushions
Scatter moody-coloured cushions on your sofa and armchair to add an extra bit of spice to your living room.
Think marine greens paired with dulling creams. Patterns are a welcome addition and warming velvets should be included at all costs.

Knitted, plaid, faux fur – almost anything goes when it comes to throws this season. Try using the on-trend colours of autumn 2021 in your home décor and include colours like dusty/pale pinks, brilliant yellows, marine greens, and powder blues.

A rug can warm your feet and set the tone in a room simultaneously. Minimalistic rug designs can lend themselves to any room in a home, while rugs with geometric prints could add a splash of much-needed colour to an otherwise dull and boring floor.

Warm-toned wall art
Warm pink, brown, and gold-infused wall art should be prioritised this season. Prints and canvases can be hung from practically anywhere and they are an excellent way to add a pop of colour and warmth to a drab-looking wall.
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