Irish Chamber Orchestra are back on the road

THE Limerick based Irish Chamber Orchestra is back on the road touring in November for the first time since 2020.
Grammy Award-winning German Violinist Florian Donderer makes his debut with the Irish Chamber Orchestra for three concerts in Limerick, Bantry and Kilkenny on 11,12 and 13 November.

Florian Donderer

With a lifelong devotion to chamber music, Berlin-born Florian Donderer brings energetic playing and emphatic interpretations to his collaboration with the ICO.
A dynamic and incisive player, he has performed with some of the world’s finest ensembles.
“As a conductor, he captivates orchestra, musicians, and audiences alike,” comments Charlotte Eglington representing ICO.
He has selected a rich baroque programme which opens with C.P.E. Bach’s Symphony in A Major, a lyrical and intriguing work from his Hamburg sojourn. This is paired with Hans Werner Henze’s arrangement of Bach’s Fantasy-Sonata I Sentimenti which projects this expressive harmonic material into a larger instrumental range.

Continuing the Bach showcase, Florian highlights short extracts from J.S.Bach’s The Musical Offering, written towards the end of his life, a period in which he became preoccupied with developing his expertise and bringing his high-mindedness to new levels.
Mozart adds his voice to Bach’s music, paying tribute to the master of fugue with his Adagio and Fugue in b minor. Debussy’s sophisticated Danse Sacrée et danse profane is one of the finest works for harp and strings. Finally, Leclair’s Violin Concerto Op. 10 No. 4 in F major demonstrates Donderer’s ability to tackle the often-fearful difficulties of Leclair’s music, with charm and brilliance.

Florian Donderer and Irish Chamber Orchestra perform at University Concert Hall, Limerick on Thursday November 11. For tickets and more information see