IN THURSDAY’S LIMERICK POST: Special report on Limerick’s crack cocaine epidemic

The epicentre of Limerick's crack cocaine epidemic. Photo: David Raleigh

Coming in tomorrow’s Limerick Post – St Mary’s Park at the centre of Limerick’s crack cocaine epidemic – a two-page special report by David Raleigh. Limerick councillor John Costelloe says he has experienced intimidation after speaking out against local drug dealers. Meanwhile, a Mid West drugs project says the crack cocaine crisis has blown up in Limerick and is starting to emerge in towns such as Ennis, Thurles and Kilrush, with thousands of “sterile crack pipes” handed out to clients to help minimise health risks to users. For more, pick up a copy of this week’s Limerick Post.

Sinn Féin councillor John Costelloe in St Mary’s Park where he has come under threat from drug gangs for raising the drugs issue in the estate. John is photographed with discarded heroin cooking tin foil only metres away from the local community centre and creche.