Quinlivan welcomes publication of scrambler legislation

Maurice Quinlivan TD

LIMERICK Sinn Féin TD, Maurice Quinlivan, has welcomed the publication of “long overdue” government legislation to deal with the illegal and dangerous use of scramblers and quad bikes in our communities.

Deputy Quinlivan stated:“I welcome the publication of this legislation that will see powers finally being given to the gardaí to tackle this scourge on our communities. It is an issue that affects many communities across our city and county. The misuse of these vehicles has been evident on the streets of Limerick estates for some time.”

“The misuse of these vehicles has caused damage to green spaces and sports grounds, and intimidated some of our elderly citizens. The misuse of these vehicles is a risk not only to their operators but also any pedestrians in their vicinity.”

Deputy Quinlivan added: “It is important to note that this is legislation that will target the misuse of these vehicles. Those who use these vehicles for organised recreational activities should not fear its introduction.”

The Limerick TD continued: “This legislation is very similar to legislation that I and other Sinn Féin TDs have been trying to progress through the houses on many occasions over the past number of years. I look forward to working with the government to ensure that this is enacted as quickly as possible. The most important steps that must take place following the passing of this legislation, is the implementation of these new laws by the gardaí.

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“The Sinn Féin team will be seeking a meeting with senior Garda management to ensure that a strategy is put in place to enforce the laws and that they have the resources available to them to do so. Those who use these vehicles for organised recreational activities should be protected by the new legislation.

“Unfortunately, this is an issue that predominantly affects working class communities. This is why I believe there has been no action taken on this issue to date. These vehicles have ruined greenways and sports pitches. Hopefully with the enactment of the Bill, resourcing the gardaí and youth groups who can and do offer alternatives, will ensure the ongoing problems in many of our communities and open spaces are ended.”