New high tech weather radar on the cards for Shannon

cloudy sky
Photo by Anandu Vinod on Unsplash

by Alan Jacques

[email protected]

A NEW dual-polarisation weather radar system to improve weather forecasting and climate monitoring will be installed at Shannon Airport by next summer.

Local Fianna Fáil TD Cathal Crowe said that the existing weather station had provided a fantastic forecasting service and the addition of the new radar system will enhance what can be predicted and studied from this station.

“Dual-polarisation weather radars involve cutting edge technology and software than has the ability to discern between heavy rain, rain, snow and sleet. This information will give meteorologists and the Irish Aviation Authority a more acute understanding of what weather fronts are moving inland from the Atlantic Ocean,” Deputy Crowe explained.

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“The new radar should help to improve the accuracy of precipitation estimates, leading to better advance detection of flood events.

“The weather warning system introduced by Met Éireann a few years ago has been great to forewarn people of looming storms. Now, instead of foolhardily venturing out in the elements, people are inclined to stay safely at home when they hear a storm is on its way – as we witnessed last week with Storm Barra.

“The new system at Shannon will be a welcome addition to the arsenal of weather forecasting apparatus available in Ireland,” he added.