Oisín hopes Santa can help build his dream of being a Garda

Lego fanatic Oisín Lyons, (8), from St Mary’s Park

by David Raleigh

[email protected]

A LIMERICK boy with a penchant for LEGO blocks has asked Santa to help him build his way towards a career in An Garda Síochána.

Eight-year-old Oisín Lyons from St Mary’s Park has already built a Garda station, Garda helicopter, Garda motorbikes, patrol cars and Garda boats as well as prison cells for the Christmas grinch.

But his Christmas wish is to keep on building until he becomes a real life Garda.

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“Oisín wants to be a Garda when he gets older. He’s really quiet, but he’s very good with elderly people and younger kids, and he loves helping out and doing good deeds for people,” his mother, Aoife Lyons told the Limerick Post.

“He has been watching a lot of Garda television programmes and seeing how good they are, and how they help rescue people. We have it drilled into him that gardaí are good, and they are nothing to be afraid of,” Ms Lyons said.

Oisín proudly displayed some of his LEGO creations including the Big Ben clock tower, ships and sports cars.

“He has hundreds of euro worth of LEGO. He builds them and takes them apart and then he uses his imagination to build more things out of what he has.

“He keeps some of them as ornaments and he dismantles others and makes other things. We don’t exactly know how many he has but he has been saving his LEGO pieces since he was four.”

Oisín has also built a version of the Eiffel Tower, sports stadiums, as well as the interior of the Central Perk coffee house featured in the television sitcom Friends.

“He has a lot more on his Santa list that he wants to build, he has a big ship picked out and a Mercedes and a skatepark. He’s big into Harry Potter LEGO as well so I’d say he will have a lot more builds done by the end of January.”

“All day at home he is at LEGO. It started when he was four with the big blocks, he’d seen his cousins building and my brother building, so he loves building stuff.

“My dad would have been a builder, and Oisín loves working around the house with my dad, painting or building things. He’s very good with his hands.”

“We’ve had to put up shelves in his room because he has so many blocks,” she added.