Unvaccinated health staff redeployed

Hospital staff

HSE Mid West has confirmed that frontline staff have been redeployed from high risk areas because they are not vaccinated.

However, a spokesman said that the number of staff moved and their vaccination status is “a matter between individual staff members and their respective line managers.

“This data is not held centrally, so we do not have a definitive figure,” he explained.

Recently, the National Ambulance service confirmed it had moved a small number of frontline staff in the west of the country from their duties as a result of them not being vaccinated.

Service bosses did not specify which geographical area the personnel were stationed in.

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In response to a query on the number of staff in both clerical and frontline positions who have been derogated, a spokesman for the University of Limerick Hospitals Group said the HSE has “carried out risk assessments on staff who work in the high risk clinical areas of all our hospitals”.

“Unvaccinated staff have been redeployed out of high risk clinical areas for the safety of all patients and staff in those areas, in line with the national guidance.

“Vaccination in Ireland is not mandatory, and promotion of vaccination as a safe, effective means of protection against Covid-19 is ongoing across the Group, where all indications are that the uptake rate among staff has been very high.”