Rosary group deny shouting down Ashling memorial event

Members of the Men's Rosary Group at prayer in Belfast

A MEN’S Rosary group has denied shouting down a memorial event for murdered Limerick graduate Ashling Murphy last week.

A statement on behalf of the group sent to the Limerick Post stated: “This public Rosary has been said regularly in Thomas Street for over two years. The venue was changed to Bedford Row on December 11 as it was felt to be a better location due to ongoing issues with roadworks.

“This fact was advertised to our Rosary group at that time, long before the tragic death of Ashling Murphy.

“Our members arrived at 1.30pm and set up a half an hour before members of the Rosa group arrived and set up beside the Rosary location.

“Our organisers had no idea that the Rosa group were going to arrive at Bedford Row that day and had not been informed of this event by Rosa or the gardaí.

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“At no time were the Rosary organisers asked to turn down their loudspeaker volume, nor were they asked to move somewhere else,” the statement said.

“The Rosa members could quite easily have moved down the street before setting up their event but they chose not to. These facts can be verified by the gardaí who were present and witnessed what happened.

“As our Rosary group had organised and advertised their event long before Ashling Murphy’s harrowing death, we feel the ensuing controversy has been unfairly used by some of the media and some political parties for their own ends”.