Five simple Veganuary ideas from Nourish


SQUEEZING more plant-based foods into your diet is always a good idea. Not only can it help to improve your gut health, but it can also be kinder to the environment. This week, the team at Nourish Health Food Store shares five simple vegan swaps to kick start your Veganuary.
Plant-based milk alternatives have grown in popularity, and we are now spoiled for choice. To achieve that velvety smooth foam for your morning coffee, try Oatly Barista oat milk.
A vegan lifestyle does not mean you have to forgo the sheer delight of chocolate. We are spoiled for choice when it comes to chocolatey treats. Ombar and Nobó have delicious chocolate slabs while Booja Booja Truffles make luxurious vegan chocolate truffles.
Finding a plant-based substitute for every meat can be a tricky task, but there are some great alternatives that ensure your go-to meals can stay on the menu. Brown lentils do a delicious job subbing in for mince in a Bolognese or shepherd’s pie. We also love swapping out chicken for chickpeas on curry night.
Looking for delicious (and nutritious) snacks? Nut butters are a great source of protein and make a filling snack slathered on toast or oatcakes. We like to top with chopped banana and a drizzle of jam.
You may be surprised to learn how many animal by-products are present in beauty products. Start simple and switch to a vegan lip balm or hand cream this month from Nourish. Made in Co Tipperary, these plant-based products are created using natural plant oils and vegetable waxes to soothe and protect all skin types.
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