NEW MUSIC: Dylan Flynn and The Dead Poets are ready with a new EP

LIMERICK band Dylan Flynn and The Dead Poets are back with their new single, ‘i wasn’t ready’. The song is the final single off their forthcoming EP, ‘crazy how we live like this’, which comes out on February 10.
The track was recorded and produced by the band themselves, mixed by Mike Gavin, and is set to come out on Limerick based collective, BitDepth.
Speaking about the song, Dylan Flynn says, “This song is about something deeply personal that happened to someone very close to me a couple of years ago. It was a very distressing time, and the only way I could think of processing it at the time was to write about it.”
The band’s new EP, ‘crazy how we live like this’ is a collection of their singles from 2021, and some new additions too described by Flynn as, “A time capsule of memories and mistakes.”

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