Limerick Labour Party councillors to hold rally in support of Ukraine

Ukrainian National Guardsmen take up defensive positions in central Kyiv

LABOUR Party councillors have called a special meeting of Limerick City and County Council and will also hold a vigil at City Hall on Tuesday evening in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

“We have decided to call a special meeting to show that we can stand together as one Council in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and that we reject President Putin’s illegal attack,” Cllr Elena Secas explained.

Cllr Joe Leddin said that as the Ukrainian community in Limerick watch in disbelief at the horror unfolding in their home country, Ireland, as a small independent country, must stand with them against this attack that threatens the peace of all of Europe.

Describing Vladimir Putin as a despot who refuses to accept the statehood of Ukraine, Cllr Conor Sheehan said it was important to take a stand against this evil act of imperialism and offer support to the Ukrainian community in Limerick.

“We are asking people to attend this vigil and to join us in stating our unequivocal opposition to this violence,” he added.

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The vigil will take place at City Hall, Merchant’s Quay at 7pm on Tuesday evening.