Shannon Ukraine family seek help for relatives in war zone

Dmytro Petriv

THE PETRIV family living in Shannon are making daily phone calls to western Ukraine, where their extended family wait in fear of the next move by Russian invaders.

Dmytro Petriv (25) says his grandparents are safe, for now, “but that can change at any moment,” he told the Limerick Post.

“My grandparents are old, they won’t leave but if it gets any closer the rest of the family will have to do something,” he said.

But while they are three hours away from the nearest conflict,  Dmytro says the “shops are cleaned out,” and many people living in the Ukraine are desperately in need of support with food, protection and medical supplies.

Along with his parents, Mykola and Maria, he has started gathering donations to help people still in the war zone.

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“My father used to send parcels every month but now it is too difficult to get them across the border. The best way we can help is to raise funds to buy food and supplies and collect protective clothing,” he said.

The kind of protective gear which is needed are army-standard helmets, vests and medical supplies. “They are facing heavy gunfire and they need that level of protection,” said Dmytro.

The Petriv family has already raised €10,000 and plan to continue.

They would also welcome generators, walkie talkies and flashlights as well as medical supplies.

Dmytro, who works in Chemifloc in Shannon, is willing to meet people offering help in person if necessary or people can donate via Revolut at 085 2007497