Limerick Sinn Féin commemorate 1916 Rising 

Cllr Sharon Benson will address the 1916 commemoration on Easter Sunday.

MEMBERS of Sinn Féin in Limerick gathered at the Republican Plot in Mount St Lawrence cemetery in the city on Easter Sunday to comemmorate the Easter Rising of 1916.

Among those in attendance were Limerick TD Maurice Quinlivan and Senator Paul Gavan.

Speaking at the event, Sinn Féin Cllr Sharon Benson expressed thanks to all who helped to renovate and maintain the Plot which, she said, “was one of the finest in Ireland and a fitting tribute to those past Limerick Republicans who have their final resting place here”.

Among those interred in the Republican Plot are Limerick Mayors Michael O’Callaghan and George Clancy, who were murdered during the War of Independence; Sean Wall, who died in an engagement with the Black and Tans in 1921 and IRA volunteer Sean South who was fatally wounded in an attack on an RUC Barracks in Fermanagh in 1957.

She also paid tribute to recently-retired councillor, John Costelloe, who “served the Republican cause with energy, enthusiasm and dedication.

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“For six years, he was a Sinn Féin member of Limerick City and County Council in which role he diligently and fearlessly served the people of Limerick City North,” she added.