Limerick rent increase was double national average

Threshold chief executive John Mark McCafferty

FIGURES published this week by Threshold show that the average annual rental increase of 13.8 per cent was doubled in Limerick City last year.

According to the national housing charity’s chief executive John-Mark McCafferty, the average yearly rental increase of nine per cent in new tenancies – as reported by the Rental Tenancies Board (RTB).

However, the figures conceal some of the worrying increases on a county and city level, particularly those subject to Rent Pressure Zones and a two per cent cap on rent increases.

“The average annual increase was 13.8 per cent in Limerick City and 27.6 per cent in Waterford City, which equate to an additional €1,844 and €2,740 in rent a year. This is money that many people do not have to spare,” Mr McCafferty said.