Ed Sheeran in Limerick: Back to The 061 for Denise Chaila

Denise Chaila at Croke Park supporting on the Ed Sheeran tour Photo: Ray Keogh

LANDING the support slot for Ed Sheeran’s tour has seen the Limerick poet/rapper perform to over 200,000 music fans as they get into the stadiums early to enjoy Denise and UK singer Maisie Peters before Ed takes the stage later that evening.
Denise Chaila and all the Narolane Crew have played five shows with Ed Sheeran in the run up to this homecoming set of gigs.
Denise plays a thirty minute set of all the bangers from her debut EP, her Choice Music Prize winning record ‘Go Bravely’ and her most recent release, ‘It’s A Mixtape’. And she is winning over new fans with every show she plays.
There’s teens to families to parents with young kids at every show and the sun has been out. “Everyone is loving it”, is the message from the crew when we checked in with them this week.
Everyone knows her hit record CHAILA and sings along but it is very exciting to hear that Denise’s track dedicated to her hometown of Limerick City is blowing up for her too.
“Normally CHAILA will do well because everyone knows CHAILA. We’ve noticed that 061 is the track that everyone reacts to. 061 had the push on MTV and went out globally and that’s the banger they have all learned.”
So to get in early and welcome Denise Chaila and the crew home, you will need to be in Thomond Park before 6pm when they go on stage.
Gates open at 4pm, Denise Chaila at 6pm, Maisie Peters at 7pm and Ed Sheeran’s set begins at 8pm and finishes at 10.30pm approx. And remember to allow time for the queues to check tickets, and the security searches along the way.
Promoters are encouraging fans to bring a fully charged smartphone and check your digital tickets to be sure you are attending the correct venue on the correct date
There is a few tickets available for Ed’s show at Thomond Park. www.ticketmaster.ie for details.