Troubled young woman threatened care worker’s family

Thomas Morgan, Barbie Kardashia's former case manager

A YOUNG woman who was being detained in one of the country’s most secure units for severely troubled youths, went on trial at Limerick Circuit Court today accused of threatening to kill or cause serious harm to her mother and a man who had been involved in her care.

20-year-old Barbie Kardashian,of no fixed abode, told staff at Coovagh House, Limerick, where she had been a resident on and off from 2018 to 2020, that she wanted to rape and murder her mother.

Thomas Morgan, who was Ms Kardashian’s case manager and the deputy social care manager at Coovagh House, gave evidence that during a conversation with him on March 12, 2020, Ms Kardashian clearly expressed that she wanted to track her mother down to murder and rape her.

She became frustrated when she couldn’t find out where her mother was living.

Mr Morgan said that during another conversation with Ms Kardashian, in April, 2020, she “expressed a clear desire to rape and mutilate her mother’s genitals”.

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The court heard Ms Kardashian was diagnosed with a narcissistic personality disorder, and had been in foster care since the age of ten, after her parents separated.

Ms Kardashian claimed in conversations with her care workers that had been sexually abused by her parents and had suffered significant childhood trauma, the court heard.

Coovagh House takes residents aged between 11 and 17 years, but because of a lack of capacity in specialist care for young persons in the  State, Ms Kardashian’s residency at the Limerick unit was extended.

Mr Morgan said Ms Kardashian planned to find and kill her mother after she was discharged from the specialist Limerick unit.

The court heard that Coovagh House has capacity for four residents who have experienced childhood trauma and are at risk to themselves and/or others. It is one of only four such units in the State, and residents are placed in the units specifically on foot of orders of the High Court.

Under cross examination, Mr Morgan agreed with defence barrister Mark Nicholas SC, that Ms Kardashian would engage in “shock behaviour, saying things to get a reaction”.

Care worker Michael Mannix, gave evidence that Ms Kardashian took an immediate dislike to him and had threatened to kill him “many times” while he was on duty.

Mr Mannix alleged that, in July 2020, Ms Kardashian said “she wanted to stick a knife in my neck and see me bleed-out”.

Under cross examination Mr Mannix agreed with Mr Nicholas that despite these alleged threats, he “wasn’t afraid or in fear” of Ms Kardashian, who had been “rude and obnoxious”.

Mr Mannix continued that he had “worked with worse”, and agreed that at no stage did he request not to work with Ms Kardashian.

He eventually gave a statement to Gardaí after he claimed Ms Kardashian threatened to “rape my wife and children and disembowel them”.

“When she brought my wife and kids into it, that’s a different ball game,” he said.

Brent Dugdale, another of Ms Kardashian’s former care workers, also gave evidence of the threats.

“She was very cool, calm, and collected, and in my opinion it was very genuine. I thought if she got the opportunity she would have acted on her threats,” Mr Dugdale said.

Under cross examination by Mr Nicholas, he said he was aware of Ms Kardashian having made an allegation that she had been sexually assaulted when she was a child.

Enda Long, who worked as a care team leader at Coovagh from 2015 to 2021 gave evidence of witnessing Ms Kardashian threaten Mr Mannix “that she would leave his children without a father”.

He said he was also aware ms Kardashian has threatened to “mutilate her mother after leaving Coovagh House”.

The trial continues tomorrow (Thursday).