Scratch Night to showcase Limerick’s new creative talent

silhouette of three performers on stage
Photo by Kyle Head on Unsplash

SCRATCH Night is part of FUTURE LIMERICK: Climate Arts Festival and will be held at the Belltable on Tuesday, 17 May at 7pm. The event will showcase Limerick’s new directing, acting and playwriting talent. Tickets will cost €8.  

The event will show a selection of ten minute plays by the Limerick creatives. The plays revolve around the theme of climate crisis. Rehearsals are currently underway in preparation for Tuesday.


The plays will tackle the issue of climate change in many different genres like comedy, sci-fi, dystopia and fantasy. All profits from the performances will go to the creatives and will help support the next generation of Limerick’s creative talent.

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In ‘I WANNA BE COOL’ by Eleanor O’Brien, three women in a mysterious train carriage ponder hedonism, past pleasures and future fears as they hurtle irrevocably into the future.

In ‘2050’ by Niall Carmody, two primary school teachers in a dystopian Ireland must grapple with their consciences as new healthcare measures are brought in.

In ‘WHALE’ by Rosa Mäkelä, villagers tell of the day a huge whale washed up on their shore and changed their lives forever.

In ‘AMELIA’ by Dee Roycroft a family in a toxic world try to control their strange new pet, while in ‘PLANIMALS’, Mark Lawrence delivers a hilarious and inventive new take on Noah’s Ark.

More information here: Scratch Night – Lime Tree Theatre