Navel gazing with Headgear – sound collages, existential rants and protest songs

Daragh Dukes - Headgear

LIMERICK songwriter/producer Daragh Dukes together with an eclectic ensemble of friends and musicians is releasing a new album as Headgear. It’s the first Headgear long player release since 2007.
The musician has a long history in Limrock, from the early days with They Do It With Mirrors (Setanta Records) to Headgear and Asylum Speakers on the Martha Dig Music label.
The 10 track album is called Omphalos (definition: The navel. The umbilicus. The central point. In Greek antiquity the Omphalos was a stone in the temple of Apollo at Delphi, thought to mark the centre of the world.)
Darragh has released tracks from the album in the last few months giving a glance into the ambient textures that create this engaging journey into sound including Someday son all of this won’t be yours either and Omphalos Pt.2.
The full album can be streamed/downloaded on Friday May 20 featuring guest musicians Sean Harrold (Pedal Steel) Pat Shortt (Saxophone) and Ray Murphy (Drums).
Daragh Dukes commented on the inspiration for the project.
“In the 1980s as a kid I witnessed the hypnotist Paul Goldin telling some audience members at the Belltable Arts Centre in Limerick that their belly-buttons were missing and several went walking around O’Connell Street afterwards, looking under cars and elsewhere trying to find them. I think of these compositions as taking a similar journey, but in the shapes of sound collages, existential rants and protest songs.”

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