Gaeilgeoirí have to get out of Limerick station faster 

The sign outside Colbert Station.

DRIVERS who like to use the ‘cúpla focal’ and who outstay their welcome on the set-down area of Colbert train and bus station have less time to beat a retreat than their English speaking counterparts.

That’s according to a towing warning sign erected by parking management company, Apco.

Their sign states in English that any vehicle which parks in the area for longer than 30 minutes will be towed away.

But when it comes to the warning below that, written As Gaeilge, the Irish version gives motorists just 10 minutes to get out of Dodge before the tow truck claims their car.

The puzzling sign was outed in a Tweet from a passenger, who asked “is this discrimination against Irish speakers?”

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When asked by the Limerick Post whether native speakers had less time to park than other linguists, a spokesman for Irish Rail said, “Obviously both signs should show 30 minutes, and we will arrange to have the Irish sign corrected. We are sorry for any confusion caused.”

In other words, “Tá brón orainn”.