Counselling to be offered during Limerick Novena

Limerick Redemptorist Novena Co-ordinator Fr. Seamus Enright.

FREE counselling will be part of the first in-person Limerick Novena in three years when it returns to the city on June 17.

“The counselling service is needed more than ever as lockdown was a difficult time for many people,” Novena Co-ordinator Fr Seamus Enright explained.

“Many are grieving because of the difficulties and restrictions surrounding funerals. Many weren’t with loved ones when they died. There was also an increase in alcohol and drug addiction during the lockdown and an alarming increase in domestic violence.”

“The past two years have been tough for us all. Just as we were recovering from the trauma of the coronavirus pandemic, we have had to deal with the war in Ukraine and galloping inflation. It is a time of disruption and uncertainty, which is why the theme of this year’s novena is ‘Let us Dream.’

“During the nine days of the novena, we will reflect on what the gospel has to say about the challenges we have to face today.”

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The Novena will also have a special Family Day on June 20 and special celebrations with the Ukrainian and Brazilian communities. A highlight of the Novena each year is the Celebration for First Communion Classes. This will take place on June 21 at 11.30am.

The Novena has been a highlight of the religious life of Limerick and the surrounding counties for many years with thousands visiting to attend.

“After two years preaching behind closed doors, we are delighted to be  able to welcome people back to the novena again,” Fr Enright said.

Limerick’s Novena @ the Redemptorists runs from June 17 to June 25.

Novena Celebrations are each morning at 7.30am, 10am, 11.30am and each evening at 6pm, 7.30pm and 9pm.

The novena will be streamed on and the 10am celebration each day will be broadcast on Radio Maria.