Limerick households to benefit from smart electricity meters

HOUSEHOLDS in Limerick are undergoing a major transformation in how they use electricity with the installation of Smart meters taking place across the city and county.

Smart meters are an upgrade to the analogue meters in homes and use digital technology to give up-to-date details on a household’s electricity usage. They also do away with the need for meter readings and estimated bills.

Over 750,000 smart meters have already been installed in homes across Ireland, with that number predicted to rise to one million by the end of this summer. By the end of 2024, it is expected that all two million households in Ireland will have a smart meter in their home.

Smart Meters have already been installed in some areas and it is expected that all Limerick households will be equipped with the new technology over the next two years.

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is advising households who have had a smart meter installed to contact their electricity supplier about the smart services they offer, in order to access those services.

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These give electricity users more choice and allow them move their electricity use to times of the day that are more economical for their household’s electricity needs.

According to the CRU, all electricity suppliers must offer Smart Price Plans to customers to go with a Smart Meter. These plans are a tailored offering that give smart meter users the option to use energy at optimum times.

Households in Limerick that have had Smart Meters installed should contact their electricity supplier 30 days after installation to learn more about how they can make smart choices with their smart meter.

Once installed it takes 30 days for your smart meter to establish its connection to ESB Networks secure communications network.

At that time your smart meter can be read remotely, and you will then be able to access new smart services offered by electricity suppliers.

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