Council asked to publish plans for Shannon Bridge

Pat O'Neill says cycle lanes on the Shannon Bridge are under used.

LIMERICK City and County Council have been urged to publish the draft plans for the new crossing for the Shannon Bridge.

Local Fianna Fáil activist Pat O’Neill hit out this week that gridlock still exists and existing cycle lanes are under-utilised on the bridge.

“These plans were due to be published in September 2021 and eight months later there is still nothing published,” Mr O’Neill told the Limerick Post.

“Last year we made representations to the Council to ask that all the concerns of people affected would be addressed in this proposal. I asked about the lack of public transport for the Northside as we have estates like Clonmacken and Aylesbury that are not serviced by a public bus.

“The key objective of any new plan is to ensure a safe passage for users over the bridge in a timely fashion. Yes, cycling and walking are to be encouraged, but these are not always feasible with the inclement weather and people’s lifestyles,” he claimed.

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Mr O’Neill is also of the view that the Council need to be mindful of people wanting to travel into the city for business and leisure.

“These people need to be able to access our city centre from the Condell Road in a timely fashion and not be stuck in a gridlock. All these concerns need and must be addressed in any new proposal, and so again we call on the Council to bring forward their draft plans as we’re already months behind on any schedule.”

There was no response from Limerick City and County Council at the time of going to print.