Getting Limerick researchers out of the lab and into the pub

Lero Researcher Dr Kellie Morrissey with CONFIRM Training Manager Seán O’ Brien at the launch of Science by the Shannon.

THE organisers of Limerick’s first ‘Science by the Shannon’ event are faced with the not too difficult challenge of taking researchers out of the lab and bringing them to the local pub.

The event, which takes place  at JJ Bowles, Limerick’s oldest Pub, on the evening of the Summer Solstice, Tuesday June 21, is intended to be a fun and engaging event which aims to make science more widely accessible.

A series of talks explaining some of the research being carried out at the University of Limerick will take place while people sit back, drink, listen and engage with the scientist presenting … over a pint.

“Science by the Shannon” celebrates the work of three Science Foundation Ireland funded research centres at UL. They are CONFIRM, the SFI research centre for smart manufacturing; SSPC, the SFI research centre for pharmaceuticals and Lero, the SFI research centre for software.

The talks include topics such as:

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*Beautiful world of molecular families: How baby crystals are born?

*Molecular Matchmaking: Finding true love at the nanoscale.

*Sharing while caring: Why online platforms can be unfriendly places for girls and women?

*Enhancing human performance with brain stimulation.

*Industry 5.0 – An alliance of humans and machines.

*Patients as the driver of innovative research.

Although the event is free and open to anyone, as it is being held in a public house, it is strictly over 18’s and ID will be required.

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