Dr Pat Daly, Chief Executive, Limerick City and County Council on the future of Limerick:

There’s a growing sense that Limerick’s time is now. The Limerick 2030 Plan has delivered significant investment into the Limerick region over the past seven years with over 21,000 new jobs created, billions of euro invested and the delivery of major commercial projects in the city centre and across the county taking place right now.

These investments are complimented  by thousands of new homes to be delivered over the coming years.

This has enabled our ambition to become not just Ireland’s, but one of Europe’s most exciting sustainable environments. The members of Limerick City and County Council have just approved the new Limerick Development Plan 2022-2028 that sets out the strategy for how our city and county will develop over the next six years and beyond.

This new Development Plan details how we will grow our population by almost 50,000 additional people, provide almost 16,000 new homes and create significant additional employment growth in Limerick by 2028 and beyond.

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Our new Development Plan is underpinned by a strategic vision intended to guide our future sustainable growth and this vision is for Limerick to become a Green City region on the Shannon Estuary connected through people and places. It is a powerful plan that will  prove to be a game changer for Limerick.