Mike Casey recalls tough recovery and return to form

Mike Casey celebrates after the 2019 Munster Final

The return of Mike Casey to John Kiely’s Limerick panel has been a huge bonus for the squad as they head in to an All-Ireland semi-final.

The Na Piarsaigh man ruptured his ACL in a challenge game against Galway in 2020 and damaged cartilage in the same knee after his return nine months later.

19 months, two surgeries and a long rehab road later Casey is back and turning in top performances.

Speaking to John Harrington on the official GAA website Casey says it was a really tough time

“It was extremely tough period, going through lockdown as well, so it was a tough 18, 19 months,” said Casey.

“My last game was Kilkenny in 2019 before this year, so that was a long lay-off.

“It was tough but looking on and seeing how well the boys were doing, what they were achieving, made it that bit easier.

“In the gym there was no skipping a set or skipping a rep, when you were back you wanted to contribute to the group, but to do that you had to be at the highest level because of what the boys were doing on the field, what they were achieving. So unless you were at peak fitness and ready to go you weren’t going to get back in.

“There were definitely dark moments – my girlfriend, Jessica, I’ve been with her five or six years and she was excellent through it all. Any time I had a setback and needed someone to talk to she was there for me.

“And with the group, a lot of the lads have been through a lot of things, knee surgeries and things like that. And I never left the group. I was asked to come in and help with stats and that so I was part of everything that was going on, there was some small bit to contribute to the team.”

Mike Casey

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