Jinx Lennon in Limerick for LASA gig

Jinx Lennon

PUNK folk noise performance artist Jinx Lennon is coming back to Limerick to promote his new album Pet Rent. Presented by L.A.S.A. formerly D.I.Y. Limerick, this gig brings the Dundalk legend to Pharmacia on Saturday July 16 (10pm). Jinx has been described as a beacon to the Irish DIY rock ‘n’ roll scene. He is certainly one of the good guys and has a catalogue of rants and tirades exposing the injustice and celebrating the unsung heroes.
The new record ‘Pet Rent’ is an hour long garage rock odyssey full of punk, glam,and showband sampled beats, a cracked eye lens view of provincial Irish life.
Special guest on Saturday July 16 is 50 FOOT WOMAN.
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