Carsie Blanton: A joyful celebration of everything worth fighting for


BASED in New Orleans and Louisiana, Carsie Blanton has released six studio albums and toured America and Europe.
She will perform for Seoda Shows in Dolans this Wednesday July 20.
Inspired by artists including Nina Simone and John Prine, Carsie delivers every song with an equal dose of moxie and mischief, bringing her audience together in joyful celebration of everything worth fighting for.
Carsie reports, “I am a “Scotch-Irish” Jew from the American south.
“I moved away from home at age 16 and have been touring since then, more or less, until Covid hit!
“I’ve visited fifty US states and sixteen countries, and my favourite places so far are New Orleans and Ireland.”
Her 2021 album ‘Love & Rage’ was produced by Grammy-nominee Tyler Chester (Margaret Glaspy, Mandy Moore), with backing from Carsie’s Handsome Band (bassist Joe Plowman and keyboardist Patrick Firth) and heavy-hitters, including Smokey Hormel (Adele, Tom Waits, Beck), Ted Poor (Andrew Bird, Blake Mills) and Griffin Goldsmith (Dawes).
It follows her 2019 release Buck Up – which NPR’s Fresh Air named its #4 album of the year (right between Billie Eilish and Megan Thee Stallion).
Love & Rage features eleven new songs concerned with the stark realities of the early 2020s, the consequences of politics; the precarious nature of economics, and the total reliance on each other.
Carsie reflects: “The band and I holed up together and watched a full year of tour dates evaporate.
“We collected unemployment benefits and threw online Rent Parties. We baked bread and went to protests. We despaired, rallied, raged, and wrote songs. Through it all, we learned to care for each other in a new and deeper way.
“And we learned that most people, in the stark light of a crisis, are good.”
From hedonism (‘Party at the End of the World’), to fighting fascism (‘Shit List’), to protest politics (‘Down in the Streets’), Love & Rage delivers an unflinching recounting of the human experience in 2020, by way of Carsie’s gift for timeless melody and deceptively sunny vocals.
Carsie’s latest project is Body of Work, an intimate new album of songs from throughout her catalogue, revisited and undressed.
“It will be released online throughout 2022, and can be purchased meanwhile only at my live shows.”