County Limerick man jailed for driving while disqualified

Kilmallock District Court

A COUNTY Limerick man who was caught driving while disqualified has been jailed after a judge was told he had two previous driving disqualifications and 14 previous conviction for traffic offences.

Thomas Mulcahy (40) from Main Street, Oolagh was stopped while driving under disqualification on May 9 last, the District Court in Kilmallock heard.

He was pleaded guilty to the charge and Judge Patricia Harney heard from his solicitor that Mr Mulcahy’s partner has serious health problems and wasn’t available to drive on the day.

Judge Harney said that despite his problems, the accused “no more than anyone else, can’t drive while disqualified.”

Referring to the previous convictions, Judge Harney said “obviously the disqualifications are no deterrent. This is the most blatant ignoring of court orders.”

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She jailed Mr Mulcahy for two months and fined him €500 for driving while disqualified. She added a three month suspended sentence for having no insurance, disqualifying him for a further ten years.

Bail was set for an appeal at €100.