Acclaimed Swedish debut album features Limerick guitarist Brian O’Connor

Brian O'Connor (left) with Armadillo King

BASED in Sweden, Armadillo King is a collaboration between singer and songwriter Henning Ejnefjäll and one of Limerick’s best known musicians Brian O’Connor.
Henning told Limerick Post that he and Brian (now based in Sweden) connected about a year ago to create the album ‘A Drifter’s Tale’.
“During that year we rehearsed and recorded an album together with two other guys (Jon and Håkan). We call ourselves Armadillo King and the album was released in May 2022.”
The ten track album is best described as “Americana Noir” and it follows the journey of a man in search of better times.
“There is a theme throughout the album where we get to follow a character, a drifter… my alter ego. He’s a good but slightly rootless man who often ends up in the wrong places. He has to move on, trying hard to believe there’s something better down the road.”
The album has picked up positive reviews across Scandinavia with critics describing ‘A Drifters Tale’ as an amazing rock-album and spellbinding. Chuck Prophet of indie legends Green on Red is a confirmed fan.
No Limerick date as yet for the Swedish quartet but you can find Armadillo King on Spotify, YouTube and Facebook