Dapper local gentleman calls for county’s support in Nose of Tralee contest

Ollie, hopeful contestant in this year's Nose of Tralee competition

Limerick-based feline Ollie is set to represent his home county in this year’s Nose of Tralee, an annual competition to find the country’s favourite furry friend, and he’s purr-litely asked Limerick Post readers for their support. 

In his appeals to the Limerick public, black tomcat Ollie mewed, “this black panther could use some support, it’d be great to be crowned best pet”.

Organised by Pet Sitters Ireland, the annual Nose of Tralee competition is dedicated to celebrating the love that pet owners have for their furry friends. The event often sees stiff competition from dogs, cats, and even donkeys nationwide.

When asked about the support he receives from his adoring campaign manager Martina, the mischievous Ollie says:

“She’s a great helper. She keeps my room clean and my fur shiny.”

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“When I do something bad, she calls for ‘Oliver’. I have no clue who that is, but I’m glad he gets the wrap and not me.”

Ollie and Martina announced recently on Facebook that, if they take home the prestigious prize, all winnings will be donated to local charity Limerick Feral Cats.

Ollie’s mum Martina has been volunteering with Limerick Feral Cats for almost seven years, helping the charity’s founder Mary Mollica improve the lives of feral felines across the city and county.

Speaking on her experience with the local cat advocacy group, Martina said:

“The rewarding part of it is seeing the difference we can make to a feral’s life by just neutering them and having a carer to feed them every day and keep an eye on them.”

Limerick Feral Cats provide food, shelter, and sometimes re-homing for feral cats and kittens, as well as helping in ongoing neutering and population control efforts in connection with local vets.

According to the feline, black cats are always the last to be adopted, so to be chosen to represent Limerick is a big deal for him. Black cats, Ollie says, don’t photograph very well – though he obviously doesn’t agree.

Limerick Post readers have until Sunday 22 to vote for Ollie in the Nose of Tralee competition. Votes can be cast on https://www.petsittersireland.com/vote-nose/