Plea for return of Corbally’s “magic knickers” behind Limerick’s All-Ireland victory

WANTED: 16 pairs of magic granny knickers

A plea has been issued for the return of 16 pairs giant white granny knickers believed to be imbued with some very specific magic powers.

The white cotton undies, which spell out “Well Done Limerick”, disappeared from a clothes line on a green at Irish Estates, Corbally, Limerick, on August 6. Locals believe the incredible undies to have played a major role in Limerick’s All Ireland hurling victory last month.

The washing line in Irish Estates is located a stone’s throw from the Limerick-Clare border at Athlunkard Bridge.

One source close to the undies revealed suspicions that Limerick’s neighbouring hurling rivals may be behind the missing garbs – a revenge attempt after Limerick’s dumping of the Banner out of the Munster Championship before going on to win it for the fourth year in a row prior to the team’s three-in-a-row success.

Local resident Dee Ní Uallacháin posted an urgent plea for information on her Facebook page:

“Please return our magic knickers to the triangle, Irish Estates, Corbally. They are WAY TOO BIG for you!!! I am writing this post with a sad heart and in an attempt to have them returned to us.”

“For those who don’t know, they were hand sewn by our dearly departed friend, Sinead Dinneen, and they are of huge sentimental value to us,” wrote Ms Ní Uallachàin.

“They have been featured in national and local press and even been spoken about on RTÉ radio. They have brought luck to the Limerick hurlers and are one of the last links we have with our much-loved and much-missed friend Sinead and her creativity.”

“We feel they were taken in a late night prank and if the people who took them see this, or you come across them in your house or even dumped somewhere, please consider returning them to the triangle with no repercussions.”

“You can leave them back at the triangle / green at dark. Or post them to 31 Abbey Avenue, Irish Estates. Please share this post and help us to get our famous magic knickers back.”

Ms Ní Uallachàin received a swell of support for the return of the beloved knickers.

Michelle Hourigan Kiely replied: “Aww Denise that’s awful – hope they are returned x.”

Another wrote: “Someone must be hard up for a knickers. They should have went to Penneys.”

Jacqueline Lillis stated: “Awh they were fabulous, return them ye gomies.”

Speaking to the Limerick Post prior to Limerick’s All Ireland victory last month, Ms Ní Uallachàin explained the magic behind the giant knickers – which she said were first erected in 2018 when Limerick beat Galway to lift the Liam MacCarthy Cup for the first time in 45 years.

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“We could not find them in 2019 so they weren’t up then, and Limerick lost. So we think the knickers have something to do with Limerick winning,” said Ms Ní Uallachàin.

“We think that the knickers, at this stage, have magic powers.”

Pat Hartigan, who lives in the estate and who was on the famous 1973 winning Limerick team, has also backed the campaign to have the knickers returned home to Shannonside.

The hunt continues.