Choosing the right mattress for the right stage of life


A mattress can serve you for 10+ years when properly cared for. This means regular rotation and using a mattress protector at all times. There are some things though that cannot be foreseen when it comes to a mattress and this can mean having to purchase a new one. Over time preferences and circumstances can change. This could be because of age or simply an unexpected injury. So, what mattress is right for me now? And which one will suit my specific needs? Well, choosing a mattress doesn’t have to be difficult because EZ Living Furniture is here to help. You can even pick one up now and take advantage of our current Mattress Madness Sale!


A single mattress is a perfect choice for a child that’s just about to move from a crib to a big bed. Try to opt for a mattress with a spring system and memory foam rather than a mattress with just a single layer of foam because as a parent you might also need to spend time sleeping next to your child if they become distressed during the night.

Our Recommendation: The Tranquil Mattress.


Teenagers require more support than younger children which is why it is so important to upgrade their mattresses during this stage of life. Try choosing a mattress with pocket springs for personalised support and memory foam to hold their body shape as they grow.

Our Recommendation: The Aloe Vera Mattress.

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It is common for women to experience discomfort at night when pregnant, as well as overheating. To combat this, opt for a mattress that is hypoallergenic and has cooling properties. Prioritise latex mattresses, these are similar to memory foam with regard to support and moulding to a person’s body shape. Latex is also breathable and hypoallergenic making them perfect for someone who suffers from allergies.

Our Recommendation: The Latex Wellbeing Mattress.

Injury & Old Age

Do you suffer from back pain or have an ongoing injury? We suggest choosing a medium-to-firm or firm mattress with memory foam or latex. This will mould to your body as you sleep and help to relieve pressure points. It will also support a natural spine, hip, and shoulder alignment allowing your back muscles to fully relax. This mattress type is also suitable for those of an older age where more support is required at night.

Our Recommendation: The Rian Therapeutic Mattress.

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