Mental Health For All at Limerick Mental Health Week

LIMERICK Mental Health Week will take place from October 10 – 16 this year with a big line up from all the support services and agencies in the city and county.  

This year sees the theme of Mental Health for All, and will see the festival focusing on the community and promoting positive mental health and wellbeing, recovery and training. 

An evening of live community music will be staged as the opening flagship event this year in the Milk Market from 5pm-7pm.

The week’s line-up includes a choral concert in St Mary’s Cathedral on the friday night, and talks on promoting positive mental health from multiple services throughout the week. 

Ian Hackett, manager of Limerick Mental Health Association said: “Limerick has always been a city and county where your neighbours and community gives us a sense of belonging. We invite communities and the workplace to participate for Limerick Mental Health Week 2022. If someone out there has an idea or an event they would like to host or to see take place please let us know and we will see if it is viable. Hosting a simple coffee morning for people to take a break and socially interact, having a yoga morning in the company grounds so people can take that 15 minutes mental health breather,  or just getting your friends and family or staff out for a short walk – all these things help promote positive mental health and are simple and effective ways to help promote positive mental health in the workplace or  community. 

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“No event is too small to start promoting positive mental health in your community, whether it’s the workplace or at home or just something your business wants to do for its customers. We just ask that you let us know what your plans are and we will make sure to advertise it and put it into our planner for all to see.”

As an environmentally friendly measure, a range of digital posters and a timetable are available this year for people to download and display electronically if they wish.

For more information or to host or fundraise an event for Limerick Mental Health Association, email  No event is too small. Every support is welcomed.