Motorists traumatised by rock-throwing youths

Section of the Railway Bridge at Childers Road

FIANNA Fáil councillor Catherine Slattery has called for action on the Childers Road Bridge “before someone is killed” after four nights in a row of rock-throwing on the city road.

Cllr Slattery said that youths have been throwing rocks from the Childers Road Bridge between the Ballysimon Road and Old Cork Road, with up to 20 windscreens shattered in recent days.

“These youths don’t seem to care the damage they are doing to people’s vehicles, not to mind if someone is seriously injured – which I’m surprised has not happened,” she told the Limerick Post.

“I have contacted the Council, Irish Rail, and the gardaí as something has to be done. This cannot continue.

“Rock throwing has happened in these areas in the past but what is happening now is on another level. These youths are targeting cars on a nightly basis, and now are also throwing rocks into people’s back gardens where children play. People are being traumatised.

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“I am really frightened that someone is going to get hurt. I am pleading with the Council and Irish Rail to step up and do something.

“There is thousands of euro being spent to take graffiti off the bridges to make them bright and attractive. Use this money to put barriers up on all four bridges to stop youths throwing rocks before someone is killed.

“My heart goes out to anyone who has been a victim of these thugs as it must be a very scary experience to drive along and have your windscreen put in on top of you.”

There was no response from the Council or Irish Rail at the time of going to print.