Council urged to put safety measures in place on Roxboro Road

Stock photo.

FINE Gael councillor Sarah Kiely has urged the Council to examine the Roxboro Road and address the lack of pedestrian and cycling safety for schoolchildren in the area.

Speaking at this month’s Metropolitan District meeting, Cllr Kiely proposed cycling infrastructure from the Roxboro Road to the top of Sexton Street at certain points.

“I very much appreciate the new pedestrian crossing at the prison, and it will certainly help with pedestrian safety and aid the slowing of traffic,” the City East representative told the Council’s Active Travel team.

“At the crest of the hill at the Roxboro Road near the bus depot there is an exit/entrance/right of way which is very dangerous for pedestrians. It brings people out on to double yellows and to the right is a pedestrian crossing. The pedestrian crossing is placed precariously,” she explained.

According to Cllr Kiely, poles at the crossing block access for mobility of wheelchairs and buggies. She also raised concerns that the paths on Roxboro Road are too narrow.

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Cllr Kiely went on to say that the bus depot can cause concern for pedestrians due to buses entering and departing and having to stop and block the path.

“The sight line I understand is an issue for bus drivers, however that doesn’t help pedestrian safety. The buses swing over the path at the Carey’s Road junction. I have raised this and was told that it will be addressed once Carey’s Road is being resurfaced.

“When will the contractor be starting the works?

“I understand the complexity of this road but the children of this area deserve the same consideration as those in more affluent areas of the city. This is not just my view, it is the view of parents and guardians of the five schools on the Roxboro Road and Sexton Street,” she concluded.