People Before Profit select candidate for Limerick City North

Limerick City North People Before Profit representative Ruairí Fahy.

PEOPLE Before Profit have selected Ruairí Fahy as their candidate for Limerick City North for the 2024 local elections.

The party launched its branch in Limerick in February 2021 and since that launch has played a key role in developing movements on environmental, housing and the energy crisis in the city.

Members of People Before Profit chaired and organised the ‘Raise The Roof’ coalition locally, leading in growing demonstrations against dereliction, evictions and the failure of market provision of housing.

The party’s local elections candidate for Limerick City North, Ruairí Fahy, believes there are serious issues with wealth inequality, overcrowded and unsuitable housing that now need to be addressed.

“It’s very clear from speaking to people over the last few weeks and months that there is a desire for a radical politics that goes beyond the few crumbs our elected politicians are willing to throw out to quell anger at rising costs and broken promise,” Mr Fahy commented.

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“People are recognising that the privatisation of our energy has been a disaster with working families now bearing the cost as companies are free to drive up their prices even though their extraction costs for fuel haven’t increased.”

Mr Fahy is a founding member of People Before Profit in Limerick and has been heavily involved with the local environmental movement.

“I’m also involved with the workers movement, standing with the former Debenhams workers in an effort to defend their redundancy and now helping security workers to organise against efforts to keep their wages below pre-2008 financial crisis levels,” he explained.

Mr Fahy also acted as chair of CATU, the Community Action and Tenants Union, in Limerick, which is helping tenants organise against illegal evictions and enforce tenants right.

“As a representative for Limerick City North I intend to organise people to help them to stand up against the council to provide proper maintenance for houses, to deliver on their retrofitting program and develop public spaces so they become a centre of communities instead of an afterthought.”