Limerick caucus encouraging women to get involved in politics

Mayor of Limerick City and County of Limerick Cllr Francis Foley with Limerick Councillors Olivia O'Sullivan, Elena Secas, Sharon Benson, Brigid Teefy, Bridie Collins, Sasa Novak Uí Chonchúir, and Sarah Kiely of the Women’s Caucus and author and historian Sharon Slater.

A NEW group has been launched in Limerick which aims to increase the numbers of women who participate in politics.

The Limerick Women’s Caucus comprises the nine women councillors on Limerick City and County Council coming together in a non-partisan way to address the issues encountered by women in politics support others who might like to enter into political life.

It is a cross-party forum for Limerick’s women elected representatives to discuss and campaign on issues predominantly affecting women.

The overarching objective of the Limerick Women’s Caucus is to attain equal representation of women and men on Limerick City and County Council.

Statistics from Census 2022 show there are more women than men living in Limerick, 50.24 per cent women compared to 49.76 per cent men.

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Speaking at the launch Mayor Francis Foley said greater representation of women was needed on Limerick City and County Council.

“Although there are more women than men living in Limerick, only nine of our 39 councillors are women. For society to develop and prosper in a much more equitable and representative fashion, we need to have more women represented.”

Women’s Caucus Chairwoman Cllr Sarah Kiely encouraged any woman involved in community groups, and other organisations to take the step into political life.

“We are the leaders in our communities and this should be reflected on our Council,” she declared.

The Limerick Women’s Caucus was one of the first such groupings to be established by a local authority in Ireland and since the announcement, the government has allocated €62,000 to 16 organisations, including Limerick City and County Council, to develop similar groups in their areas.

The caucus is inviting women to get in contact with them to discuss the issues preventing women from entering politics.

They will be looking at different events in the weeks and months ahead to promote women getting into politics. It will be an advocate for the promotion of politics as a good career option and will be looking at speaking to as many women and women’s groups as possible.