Solve the Mystery at the Crooked Crossroads

Sleuth like Sherlock Holmes at Crooked Crossroads.

A UNIQUE family Friendly Halloween show has been announced for Birdhill this year as “Crooked Crossroads – A Family Murder Mystery” comes to Bolands of Ballyhane on Monday October 31. Two shows form 4.30pm
In the finest tradition of Sherlock Holmes and Cluedo, an awful murder has happened and there are a number of suspects and the detectives need your help. Taking place under cover in the unique setting in Birdhill – Crooked Crossroads is a Halloween experience for all the family.
“Lord Scraw of Ballyhane has died, the last of his line. His widow Lady Monica is heartbroken, but the gossip is that they were not getting along. As the mourners gather to say their final farewell rumours are flying about.
Was he murdered or was death due to the famous curse of Ballyhane that has haunted his family for generations? A detective is on the case gathering clues but so far, no luck. Why is Lord Scraw’s butler looking so nervous?
There have been rumours that Lord Scraw’s ghost is wandering the land looking for revenge. So, watch your back because the killer may strike again.
Trust no one, keep your eyes open and maybe you can crack the case”

This is an immersive performance with a troupe of actors lead by Myles Breen, Crooked Crossroads is a unique family experience this Halloween and tickets are on sale now at