Limerick feral family in urgent need of home

Moira, one of the Limerick feral cats in need of a new home.

WITH names like Geronimo, Granny, and Zebedee, they sound like the cast of an Andrew Loyd Webber musical. However they are, in fact, a large and lovely family of Limerick cats urgently in need of new homes.

An extended family of fourteen cats, each with their own personalities and preferences, have a loving carer for now, but will need new homes very shortly as the home currently sheltering them is to be sold.

The Limerick Feral Cats (LFC) charity is hoping to re-home the gang although, obviously, not all necessarily in one new home.

“They would all steal your heart,” Martina Cross, one of the three founders of the Limerick Feral Cats charity told the Limerick Post.

“Originally it was an elderly lady who loved and cared for the cats. But she sadly passed away, and her son took up the mantle of minding them. He has done a really great job, but now the house must be sold and the cats will be left homeless.”

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The LFC team say they will look after all the felines’ medical needs – everything from vaccinations to worming and blood tests – before they go to their new homes.

It’s hoped some will be able to be homed together. Their current carer has divided them into groups that get along well, although some would manage if they were adopted singly, Martina says.

“This is an absolutely massive undertaking for LFC,” said Martina.

“Frankly, this is going to cost a sum that right now we simply don’t have. That’s why we’re asking people to consider sponsoring one of the kitties’ health checks. We’re suggesting €25 to sponsor the kitty of your choice.”

The charity, which relies largely on donations, has been operating for 11 years. With the help of volunteers, LFC looks after and feeds up to 80 feral cats a day, as well as arranging new homes and foster care.

Anyone interested in offering a happy home to a loveable kitty can contact LFC on Facebook or call 085 1335364. Donations can also be made by PayPal to [email protected].

Charlie, one of the feral cats.