Only five houses planned for rapidly expanding Limerick suburb

Limerick Sinn Féin Senator Paul Gavan.

SINN Féin Senator Paul Gavan has highlighted the gulf between housing need and housing delivery in Castleconnell and Montpelier when he said that only five houses are planned for the 443 families and individuals on the waiting list for housing in the area.

Responding to housing list data supplied by Limerick City and County Council, the Castleconnell-based politician said that there will only be five additional public or local housing units included in the 52 homes planned for the extension of the Castlerock estate.

“The Housing Delivery Plan for Limerick 2022-2026 identifies Castleconnell as an area of high demand for local authority housing with a requirement of 135 housing units.

“This seems like a very low estimation in itself but there is no clear indication of where the other 130 units will come from.”

“The population of the Castleconnell area has increased massively over the last ten years and it is probably already above the projected population rate of 2,500 by 2026.”

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“With rents, evictions and homelessness rising, it is a grim picture for anyone in need of housing, especially if they are from Castleconnell.

“The reality right now in Castleconnell is there is a huge gulf between demand and supply, and a complete absence of planned investment to tackle this issue.

“Many of the 433 on the waiting list grew up in the area and now find no way to have a home of their own. Many more are paying exorbitant rents for substandard private rented accommodation.

“There is no excuse for the  lack of planned additional housing in Castleconnell – just a complete lack of political will from a government that has consistently failed to deliver for the area,”Senator Gavan concluded