Limerick council warned that Rural Ireland is ready to “rare up”

Fianna Fáil councillor Kevin Sheahan

LEGISLATIVE restrictions will cause Rural Ireland to “rare up”.

This was the warning from former Limerick mayor Cllr Kevin Sheahan at this month’s Adare-Rathkeale district meeting.

During a discussion on amending the proposed Local Area Plan, the Fianna Fáil politician hit out at bureaucracy and red tape that he felt impinges on people’s freedoms.

“This country has legislated against the best interests of our own people in rural Ireland,” he claimed, adding that “the culprits are sitting above in Dáil Éireann”.

“We get advice on an issue from these fellas on big salaries that say ‘we can’t do this’ and we bow to it.”

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Independent councillor John O’Donoghue told the council executive that he had representations from a constituent whose home was now designated to be in a flood zone in new Office of Public Works (OPW) flood maps.

”This person was told that their home, which was never in a flood zone before, is now in a flood zone of up to five millimetres – less than two inches.

“This is having huge financial impact by way of insurance and the value of the property. How many other people are in this boat?” he asked.

“They will be telling us the building we are sitting in right now is in a flood zone next. There is a very fine line drawn down and unless this can be amended, I won’t be supporting the plan.”

Fine Gael councillor Stephen Keary described the flood maps as “senseless”.

“This is a major issue. I’d say there isn’t a house in Kildimo that has insurance anymore.”