Bereaved Limerick family to stage protest at Medical Council

The late Mike Daly Snr.

A LIMERICK family, whose father’s death at University Hospital Limerick is to be the subject of a second inquest, are planning a protest at the Medical Council of Ireland’s offices in Dublin.

The family of Michael Daly Snr (65), the patriarch who died at the University Hospital Limerick in 2010, are unhappy with the manner in which a complaint they made to the Medical Council was handled.

Michael Daly Jnr told the Limerick Post that the family and supporters are demanding an inquiry into the workings of the Medical Council.

“The reason for the protest is to call for a public inquiry into the medical council of Ireland and its handling of complaints from patients. 

The Medical Council of Ireland is regulated by themselves, and answer to no one.

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“However, should the Minister for Health’s office wish, they could deem it not fit for purpose and close it down, hence our protest requesting a public inquiry. “

The family’s protest is set to take place on November 11 from noon until 5.30.

Meanwhile, a confirmed date of March 6, 2023, at Kilmallock Court has been set for the second inquest into the Garryowen man’s death.

At the time of his passing, Mr Daly’s family were told he had died  from complications relating to a cardiac condition, an explanation the family do not accept.

They have been campaigning for more information since then, insisting that the full facts of the case have not come to light.

The original inquest returned a verdict of natural causes, but with new information which Mr Daly Jnr says has emerged, a second inquest has been granted.

“My dad died in hospital in 2010 and since then I have got his medical records, new information has emerged and I went to the coroner who has agreed to hold a new inquest,” he said. 

Former State Pathologist Professor Marie Cassidy is being recalled to Limerick to attend as a witness in the fresh inquest.

Members of the Daly family protesting outside UHL